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     My rug is made of special material and as it had started to get a little dirty around the edges, I needed to have it cleaned. I couldn't be bothered to have it dropped off somewhere and then pick it up days later, so I hired the cleaners from Bexleyheath Carpet Cleaning to come home! I love their outbound service! Yay for clean rugs!
     I wanted to come by and just say a big thank you to everyone at Bexleyheath Carpet Cleaning Services. They were the company we called when we wanted to get the house clean before our daughter's party. They did a fantastic job, more than we ever expected. Really added to the party and helped us have a great time. Low prices as well, which were appreciated. Got to say, they're the best we've worked with.
Jimmy James05/11/2015
     Our offices are cleaned every day by BexleyheathCarpetCleaners and they do a sterling job for our company. The cleaners arrive late in the evening and spend two hours thoroughly cleaning every floor and making sure that the place is dusted and freshened. It makes a difference because the office is clean and tidy every day and there is no need for us to fret about long term cleaning jobs either as they can do carpet and upholstery cleaning, kitchen cleaning and all sorts of other tasks. They bring all their own resources and the staff are professional and very hardworking.

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